Tinctures, Macerates, Essential Oils

From our cultivated plants different extracts and other products can be produced.
We produce ethanolic extracts and tinctures according to known monographs (HAB, PhEur a.o.) and complying with the principles of Good Manufacturing Process (GMP).
Our extracts can be used as phytotherapeutic remedy according to their long known indications.
Through steam distillation essential oils are obtained.
We also use native olive oil to produce St. John's Wort oil trough maceration.

After their production and filtration or centrifugation each batch is analyzed for its compliance with its specifications. In our laboratory we use TLC, HPLC, GC and further methods for the quality control. If conform, the batch is approved for its final packaging.

If wished we can produce extracts according to specifications of our customers. Also dry extracts can be produced.

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