With respect to our local traditions and with respect to the protection of our natural resources Anthir and its producers cultivate following the standards of organic agriculture, in accordance with the directions of GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) achieving in that way better administration of the land, reduction of cultivation costs and stable production return controlled by official organic certifiers.
At Anthir, our manufacturing methods go hand-in-hand with our cultivation quality.
In a vertical integrated production, our company is involved in all stages of the production chain from the development of the multiplying material to the crop.

The region of Agrinion offers excellent conditions for MAP production, being located next to the big plain of Acheloos river at the feet of the surrounding hills. The irrigation canal network, from the time when tobacco production was big in the region, and the nearby artificial lake of Kastraki provide access to water for all fields during the dry and hot summer. Due to its changing landscapes from hill to plain, different soil types are accessable.
The climate is characterised by long dry summers with usually no rain from mid-June to mid-September, reaching 40°-42°C sometimes, and mild and rainy winters with hardly any frost.

- Appropriate selection of genetic material,
- Appropriate selection of soil & development method,
- Plantlets production
(float system, overhead spraying system, micro spraying system, traditional seedbeds),
- Handling according to organic farming standards

Main cultivations are:
Melissa officinalis, Origanum vulgare ssp. hirtum, Rosmarinus officinalis, Thymus vulgaris,

Other cultivations are:
Cistus incanus, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Hypericum perforatum, Matricaria recutita, Ocimum basilicum, Salvia officinalis, Satureja hortensis, Stevia rebaudiana, Sideritis sp.

Anthir has experimented with around 26 different crops:
Achillea millefolium, Arctium lappa, Artemisia absinthium, Calendula officinalis, Cymbopogon citratus, Echinacea purpurea, Passiflora incarnata a.o.

Continuous Research and Development on:
- New plants and improvement experiments,
- Varieties experiments,
- Drying programs development,
- Research for multiplying materials methods
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